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Saturday, September 29, 2018

overgrown with kudzu here

I'm overgrown with kudzu here obviously it's good for something. The deer and the groundhogs love it. Every night I go outside, my dog almost yanks my arm off due to the fact there's a doe that enjoys her supper every evening. She don't pay attention until it's too late. Tater Tot the pittbull has to just about pull me through the kudzu and sometimes I can't get her to go when she needs to. The spiders are vast out. It's those big yellow and black spinners on their big webs and there are some that are ruby red and have about the same type of web. I saw a video on facebook where a man just handed a yellow and black spider a grass hopper, it spinned it into it's web in no time. It looked like she was using a sewing machine to darn it.

Everytime we go out every step we take it's like three grasshoppers come out of the kudzu and high grass. There's no way i can get it cut because of money. Money is 750 and i pay bills every month. That red clay outside collects on the floor so much during the day, i think i sweep twice a day. I don't think it's fair to do that but God there is just me and Tater Tot the dog and spooky the cat.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

kittens in the pine and kudzu

Last night Tater tot the pitty was sniffy at Little Girl the calico kitty in the pine and kudzu cuddled up in a circle. I pulled her away cause she was getting too chummy. This morning I saw little yellow and white, calico, and gray and white kittens. I was worried that perhaps i had too many cats already and I needed to take her to the humane shelter because she has already had kittens this season and I should get them while I could pick them up, but the kittens are so young that I am afraid I might hurt them if I get them now with Little Girl. Something told me, I better get her now while they were out in the open and I could pick her and them up. Something said leave them alone because they are too small.... Eating....feeding...we want those little kitties to be healthy and well so they can hunt and play and be well. The dog went to visit them this morning.. he couldn't do nothing but sniff the little things.  I have nothing but girl Japanese Bobs but little girl has got the longest tail so she's just a calico. there are tuxedo bobs and yello bobs kitties with the longest  tails out and they all came from a japanese silk bob feral that wound up on my doorstep. One female cat can produce so many kitties over the course of years. One "pumpkin" one  neighbor's tuxedo and it almost hits twenty. i say to myself help.... but.. i smile and think to myself some of these cats just have their butts showing with no tail and they are just cute when they play. One day when I take out the dog, five or six cats or up a pine tree. My dad liked cats, my grand dad liked cats...I am more of a dog person, but I love bobtails. They annihilate pests outside you should see them hunt.... they are so cute.

Friday, August 24, 2018

kudzu changing colors and Butterfly peas

Fall is not too far off, the air was much crisper this morning and I noticed the color of the kudzu changing and the pods were there. They are just like wisteria when after the blooms happen the seed pods come. The seeds are poisonous but you can make teas from the blossoms and jellies. The kudzu is also browning and falling from the vine. It's the perfect time now to get those vines and make wreaths, baskets and harbors from it if you are interested. You can get really creative with kudzu vine if you try. I love using pastels and drawing the kudzu leaves with the deep yellows and green blends of how the co2 changes in the plant.

You can also take those butterfly peas from the vine and press them in books later using them in stationery and beautiful bookmarks with the light purple and pink hues. They are just beautiful wildflowers this time year round. I used to press flowers in books and I gave so many away they probably were picked up and some probably got a dogwood suprise or a wild aster in them. I just love the little wildflowers around the house. It has always been something Ladybird Johnson did as well.. In Prattville, there is a wildflower garden called the Ladybird Johnson wildflower garden.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Big cats in alabama?

More carolina pumas in alabama?  aces claims there are more cats in alabama as of May 28, 2018. I saw an article on facebook that they were also in the Lake Martin area. We've had a great bit of issues with coyotes and a little bit with wolves. I saw a beautiful gray wolf cross the road a few years ago. There were so many reportings of coyotes a loose killing small animals like cats and dogs. Many people let their larger dogs loose to keep the the coyotes run off but Pumas, "Carolina Panthers" or Eastern Mountain Lions. The Tallassee Area. Im not going to tell you about dreaming because it's just the last few minutes before you wake. Big cats, and dogs eating your pets sounds scary.

asian beetles in alabama

If you see a lady bugs in your house be afraid. They aren't lady bugs they are asian beetles. They range from brownish red, orange and yellow. They can short out your lamps, lights, lightbulbs and burrow into the wood in your home. You can tell of infestation of them if you see a cloud of black dust on the wall in one area if you just see four or five at a time. There are more than four or five of them if you see that dust. The beetles do bite but it is not like an ant bite much duller like a piss ant. A piss ant is a one of the smallest black ants in the house or around the garden. Don't touch the lady bugs in the garden that are the brightest red and only stay on your flowers. They aren't at fault. It's the brownish red, orange, and red ones with more spots than lady bugs.

Asian beetles will destroy the exterior and interior of your home. They burrow and literally make the wood look like rot. If you see any sign of them call your local pest control provider because they will cause more interior or exterior damage in the future if not taken for granted.

when you hear snakes in the kudzu

It's getting fall and you tell when those little slithering critters are around the kudzu. When they slide across the grass, they sound like a paint brush going across the grain on a wall on the ground. I clearly don't want to sound condescending or anything but it's different when they have caught their prey. When they are wrapping themselves around a victim they are strangling it by constricting it rustling those kudzu leaves in the grass at your feet. That is when you tell your pitt bull, Tater Tot not to bother the re-stricter and let it have it's mouse because it earned it. They work in nature around your home keeping the bad germs away from the door along with the cats. Snakes and reptiles do carry e coli and salmonella but they have to be in masses to contract that in humans. If they aren't kept clean in captivity they can also cause e coli and salmonella.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Kitties snakes and wild flowers

Kitties are everywhere at my house. Calico and tuxedo Bob tails. Think grandma is a japanese Bob. She's a skink Hunter and a snake Hunter. There are several little fellas around here in skunk category 5 lined skink, blue tailed skink, rock skink, racer runners and that's it beside those little nasty black runners.  There are indigo pretty garders and kings. The cat I named pumpkin took a big one out....I don't know tan colored light belly in front of neighbors house while she was still feral. She has two feral daughters fancy a really pretty calico Bob with funny tail and glitter a gold and white spotted Bob. All have had kittens everywhere. They are very cute plan on just feeding them from local farmers co-op or neighbors can catch not out of way folk. The yellow cone flower is blooming and the kudzu is starting. Burberry is there too. It's pretty out. Love outdoors just need my grass seen about