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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Most Common Trees In The Southeastern United States

The most common trees in the Southeastern United States are both evergreen and deciduous. Evergreen means that the tree will outlast Winter with green leaves and less effects from autumn solstice. The differences in deciduous is the trees are hardwood and have leaves that change color during the fall. The most common Evergreen in Alabama is it's Long Leaf Pine Tree and the most common Deciduous is the Sweet-gum tree.

There are more things you can tell about about these two trees. There's a tree called a conifer that makes a long and spikey cone. The trees are usually are pine trees which Alabama has more than three different types of Pine and conifers. Hardwoods in the Deciduous category are usually trees like the Sweetgum, Tulip Poplar, Oak and the Hickory nut trees. These trees change colors vibrantly during the autumn of the year and its usually in it's prime about the first week of November. This year they really had a lot of reds, purples greens, and other vibrant colors. The Hardwoods like Oaks and Hickories usually have a seed type on their limbs. The hickory is in the same class as a walnut and you'll notice if you are lucky enough to crack one, the flavor of a hickory nut is the same. An acorn is a small nut that kinds of reminds you of hazel nuts like they make in Nutella.

The Tulip Popular and Sweet-gum have strange ovaries on their plants. The sweet gum carries a spore like a spiked ball and the tulip Popular carries a small likeness to a cone that's hard to crack and both find.

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